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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!  

Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1960, is a non-profit network organisation explicitly dedicated to its Members. Our mission is to inspire, promote, and extend the commercial and industrial relations between individuals and companies in Sweden and the Netherlands. The Chamber's main role is to provide a forum for Members to exchange business ideas, experiences and to explore new business opportunties.

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Welcome to become a member to participate in our events and to profit from the excellent networking possibilities to enlarge your business network on the Dutch market. Click here to apply and to profit from our special offer!

Swedish Chamber of Commerce is looking for interns for 2017 23-09-2016

Svenska Handelskammaren i Nederländerna söker två praktikanter för VT 2017, 23 januari – 16 juni 2017. Samt en sommarpraktikant sommaren 2017.

Svenska Handelskammaren i Nederländerna tillhandahåller en dynamisk nätverksplattform för att främja samarbetet mellan svenskt och nederländskt näringsliv. VT 2017 erbjuder vi  två praktikplatser till drivna och motiverade studenter som befinner sig i slutet av sin utbildning. Vi söker även en praktikant till sommaren 2017.

Praktikplats 1: Event Management & YP Young Professionals
Denna praktikplats innefattar att:

•   Assistera i programplanering och utförande av Handelskammarens events
•   Marknadsföra Handelskammarens aktiviteter samt kontakt med potentiella nya medlemmar till YP och Handelskammaren
•   Arbeta med administrativa uppgifter
•   Delta vid möten med samarbetspartners
•   Representera Handelskammaren och YP vid olika event
•   Ansvara för utformning och genomförande av YP:s events, medlemsadministration samt koordinering av YP:s kommittésammanträden
Till denna praktikplats söker vi en marknadsföringsorienterad ekonomistudent från svenskt universitet eller högskola.

Praktikplats 2: Media och Kommunikation
Denna praktikplats innefattar att:

•  Utveckla och implementera Handelskammarens strategi för kommunikation och sociala medier.
•  Marknadsföra Handelskammarens aktiviteter via hemsida och sociala medier
•  Utforma Handelskammarens och YP:s nyhetsbrev, inbjudningar och informationsmaterial
•  Underhålla digitalt medlemsregister samt andra administrativa uppgifter

Till denna praktikplats söker vi en marknadsföringsorienterad media- och kommunikationsstudent med intresse för grafisk design och erfarenhet av Social Media, från svenskt universitet eller högskola.

Sommarpraktik 8 juni – 25 augusti 2017
Denna praktikplats innefattar:

•    Allomfattande arbetsuppgifter såsom kommunikation & sociala medier, Event planering för Handelskammaren och YP event under hösten och vintern 2017, samt administrativa uppgifter
•    Delta i Handelskammaren dagliga arbete
•    För sommar praktiken är arbetsuppgifterna inte uppdelade i Event och kommunikation, det gäller att kunna vara flexibel och ha många bollar i luften

Allmänna villkor

Svensk medborgare
Praktikanten ska vara inskriven som student vid svenskt universitet/högskola
Om praktiken inte ingår som poänggivande kurs ska institutionen intyga att praktiken är relevant för den studerandes utbildningsinriktning. Praktikanten ska vara försäkrad. Ingen ersättning utgår för praktikperioden & praktikanten förväntas själv ordna boende.

Ansökningsbrev samt CV med foto skickas till:
Sista ansökningsdatum VT 2017: 14 oktober, 2016

September 13, 2016 Chamber Luncheon 16-09-2016

On September 13, 2016 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce were very honoured to welcome Mrs. Vivienne van Eijkelenborg and Mr. Jesse Kuijpers as honorary keynote speakers presenting “The expansion of a family business” at the Chamber Luncheon at Hotel De L'Europe.

We would like to thank them for their very inspirational presentations and for sharing their experiences. We would also like to thank all the participants for making this network Chamber Luncheon a success and Hotel De L'Europe for their pleasant hosting.

Click here for event photos by Nordholm Design.

4 October, 2016 Entrepreneurs Café 19-07-2016

Amsterdam's fast growing brand Tony's Chocolonely just entered the Swedish market. Welcome to our Entrepreneurs Café October 4, 2016 presenting Marijn Bijnen from Tony's Chocolonely and learn more about the how's and the why's? in Tony's Chocolonely strategies.

Click here for more information and registration


A retreat for women senior leaders
Stockholm 13 - 15 October

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research and InClaritas, together with Stockholm School of Economics offer a unique learning opportunity in Stockholm, 13-15 October 2016. Leading in Times of Global Transition is a retreat for a group of carefully selected senior women leaders, with diverse backgrounds yet common professional goals. The purpose is to explore new governance models that contribute in a practical way to modern leadership on a global scale. Dr. Karin Jironet, co-founder of InClaritas, is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Being an effective leader today requires wisdom and courage – especially with the talents women have and the challenges we face.

In this exclusive, three-day intensive retreat, you will discover your own unique leadership style and how to harness it in order to meet the demands of leading in this phase of international transition. We will provide you with key principles for practical, modern governance solutions. Rather than a fixed theory or technique, you will come away with a deeper understanding of your intelligence and intuition, as well as how to apply these with creativity and confidence and strengthen your network and sense of connection.

The result is a heightened personal leadership acumen reflecting your own character and experience - and forms an absolutely essential experience for women in senior leadership. 

Welcome to download the broshure for more information or visit

12 October, 2016 Launch Mentorship Program 2016 - 2017 15-08-2016

The Mentorship Program 2016-2017 is now up and running!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals are very pleased to launch the Annual Mentorship Program 2016 – 2017, designed in co-operation with Mercuri Ural, patron member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and supported by Swedish Chamber of Commerce member Tuff Leadership Training.

We are proud to support the next generation of leaders by connecting young professionals with international experience and a desire to discuss personal development with mentors from the Swedish Chamber extensive network of international business leaders.

We welcome Young Professionals to - apply for our Mentorship Program and Swedish Chamber Members to sign up as a Mentor now!

Click here to find out more!



13 October, 2016 Breakfast Workshop 06-09-2016

Welcome to an interactive workshop about how to get the right sales representative on-board by looking at the right selection of criteria and how to maximize the chances to selecting the right person for the job. For more information and to register click here


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