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Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!  

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce founded in 1960, is a not-for-profit organisation explicitly dedicated to its Members. Our mission is to inspire, promote, and extend the commercial and industrial relations between individuals and companies in Sweden and the Netherlands. The Chamber's main role is to provide a forum for Members to exchange business ideas, experiences and to explore new business opportunties. We invite you to become a member and participate in our events and networking possibilities to enlarge your business network on the Dutch market. Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands!

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30 November, 2015 Business Women Program 05-11-2015

When building your professional brand today it is important to include a digital strategy. What you do in your private life is increasingly transparent, as social media is such an important part of our daily life. So, when building your professional brand you have to include both what you are, what you know, what you can and where you want to be. And this also includes how you act in social media, as people see you there, follow you and even talk about you!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the fourth Business Women Program of this year. This time Annica Thorberg, LinkedIn and Social Media expert from Marketinghouse will give insight on how to begin and continue working on your professional brand every day. Furthermore, there will be lots of tips on how to build your own positioning strategy and which steps to take and ways to go to gain the brand awareness you are looking for.

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9 December, 2015 Mentorship Program 2015 – 2016 26-11-2015

We are very pleased to welcome you to our first come together for our Mentorship Program on 9 December, 2015 from 18.30 – 21.00 under the excellent supervision of Margriet Brink, Mercuri Urval.


The Mentorship program offers four sessions with the whole group where we also offer personal time with your Mentor/Mentee. It is very important to participate at these sessions since the purpose is to exchange experiences and to build on the Mentorship skills together in order for you to get as much as possible in return from the program. In addition the Mentorship  Program offers an excellent opportunity to extend your professional business network and to share ideas and experiences with others. 

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16 December, 2015 Dutch European Presidency joint meeting 26-11-2015

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is proud to invite you to our first co-organized Network event together with 8 European Chambers and Business Clubs in co-operation with Amsterdam InBusiness the official investment agency of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area on December 16, 2015.


We are very pleased to welcome you to the Europe Building at the Marineterrein Amsterdam, for presentations about the organization of the upcoming Dutch EU Presidency 2016 by Han-Marurits Schaapveld, Director Central Project organization EU Presidency 2015 and of the highlights of the Dutch European Presidency by Joost Flamand, Acting Director European Integration ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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18-19 January 2016, Most feedback has no effect! 02-11-2015
Is your vision to develop an organisation with highly motivated, self-driven, engaged and responsible employees? If so, we look forward to meeting you and introducing our Swedish way of coaching managers in order to achieve successful teams.

Tuff Leadership Training has given hundreds of managers training in leadership skills. One important characteristic of a good manager is the ability to give honest feedback. With this in mind, we’re offering our fellow members at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce a free seminar on feedback.

Giving and receiving feedback is a skill that we all need to develop. How to give feedback without being too ”nice” and woolly, or too hard and overbearing?

Welcome to find out at this seminar in co-operation with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Svenska Klubben and SWEA.

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23 November 2015, War Child 29-10-2015

On November 23, 2015, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and JCC-Young Professionals welcomed their members to the War Child office in Amsterdam for an interactive company presentation where War Child shared their experiences of working with children in war zones.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to welcome War Child as a new member. We would like to thank War Child Holland for hosting this event and Emilia Molin, Start Up Director War Child Sweden, for her presentation about their expansion to the Swedish market.

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19 November, 2015 Global Macro Outlook Seminar 20-11-2015

On Thursday November 19, 2015 Handelsbanken and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce invited their members and relations to an annual Global Macro Outlook seminar with Mr. Jan Häggström, Senior Vice President and Head of Economic Research at Handelsbanken. Mr Häggström gave a very interesting presentation, offering deep insights of both the short-term financial landscape as well as the long-term macroeconomic trends.

We would like to thank Mikael Sørensen, CEO of Handelsbanken for the excellent cooperation and for the exclusive opportunity to invite our members to this annual high-level event. We would also like thank the Netherlands, Johanna Lind From the Swedish Embassy and of course Mr. Jan Häggström for his fantastic economic forecasting.

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